FELN Policing Project

The FELN Policing Project catalogs media relations policies and other guidelines that address police interactions with members of the press. This project was supported by members of the Free Expression Legal Network, who collectively reviewed relevant policies enacted by over 70 U.S. cities. Each policy was evaluated for several press protective features, including the inclusion of: (1) an allowance for the recording of law enforcement activity, (2) specific guidelines about media relations, (3) arrest avoidance procedures, (4) dispersal order exemptions, (5) curfew exemptions, (6) equipment search/seizure protections, and (7) the right to carry media equipment.

A chart comparing the relevant features of each policy can be found here.

More detailed write-ups summarizing each policy are organized by geographic region. Please scroll down and click to view the narratives of each region below.

A document containing all narrative summaries is also available to download through the link at the bottom of this page.

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